Sub-grand race bikes?

by but its all gone crap...   January 19, 2013  

All right, let's do this, need recommendations for my 2nd road bike, to be mainly used for youth and and later on for junior races, mainly circuits such as Hillingdon or hill climbs, occasional 10 mile TT's


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specialized allez elite! can get them cheap in the sales

slightly more aerodynamic than a brick

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posted by HarveyMorcombe [48 posts]
19th January 2013 - 18:01


Look at the Moda Rubato:

Should be able to find one in your price range.

posted by ALIHISGREAT [117 posts]
19th January 2013 - 18:19


I've no idea how good they are, but the Planet X look awsome value

Full carbon for a grand!

posted by mr_leemur [32 posts]
19th January 2013 - 18:24


The Cannondale CAAD8 gives you a really aggressive position and they love it on here, track down the review

posted by sam_bennett [59 posts]
19th January 2013 - 20:03


Cycling plus say the Giant Defy 1 is the best, it's £999 and has Shimano 105, lightweight alloy frame and all giant finishing kit.
I think the best is the Canyon Roadlite Al 6.0 sl, it's only £849 and has an incredibly lite alloy frame with full Shimano 105, Mavic wheels, selle italia saddle and Ritchey WCS finishing kit, awesome value.
If your willing to stretch a bit you can get the Canyon Roadlite Al 7.0, it's £1099 has the same ultra lightweight frame, slightly better wheels, same saddle and finishing kit. Crucially though this bike has full Shimano Ultegra, unheard of at this price.
All of the bikes above have awesome paintwork and compact cranks, you can upgrade to standard on the Canyons. Nerd

posted by hugocm13 [4 posts]
19th January 2013 - 20:54


If the size suits you then CRC have a sale on Lapierre's til Monday - this one is full carbon with 105 for less than 850!
its part of their 'private sale' though it can't be that exclusive if they invited me! Smile

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
19th January 2013 - 21:06


You get what you pay for.

The team ALU Mk 2 from PX looks good to me.

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
19th January 2013 - 22:05


Judging by the recent IG Nocturn win, maybe Genesis are the place to look for a race bike? I know I'll be considering steel for my race bike this year!

posted by Jaltham [67 posts]
20th January 2013 - 1:15


tempted by that canyon, any reviews to go off, don't want to be buying an unknown quantity as it were?

posted by but its all gon... [5 posts]
20th January 2013 - 14:43


All of the main range bikes at a price point are brilliant. You need to choose one you like.

If it was my money I'd look at Boardman and Giant Defy first. Specialized Allez, Cannondale Synapse, Cube Peloton and Focus Variado are worth a look, and there are others. Don't get hung up on the gears, just get a compact chainset.

You might want to add some cash for nice tyres if you're racing (and perhaps some wheels), though in the end it's the engine that matters most.

Check local clubs in case someone is selling off a lightly used model you could get for not much more than half the price of a new one.

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posted by Simon E [2367 posts]
21st January 2013 - 13:36