hard training = free radicals ! how to combat

by johnmcardle   January 19, 2013  

I'm a pharmacist as well as a hard riding club rider/racer in my late 40s....how many of us are aware that our hard training and racing increases damaging byproducts or free-radicals which can damage our health ? it's ironic that cycling is good for health no doubt but big efforts like many of us make can cause a lot of harm....anyone aware and doing something about it ? I'm happy to share my personal experiences and how I deal with the threat...there are lots of supplements out there but waht really works and can you trust ?

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Nobody has shown any actual risk from free radicals generated during exercise. It is only a theoretical risk. And dietary supplements such as vitamins C or E might even reduce some of the beneficial effects of exercise!

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1448 posts]
19th January 2013 - 15:41

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i guess a lot depends on whether you believe that free radicals in general are a negative presence ? if so then it doesn't really matter how they get into the system....thanks for the reply and link ..interesting stuff in that article ...so I guess you don't take supplements for this ? your posting name suggests you are cat 1 ? do you compete and work the body hard as my original post mentioned ?

posted by johnmcardle [4 posts]
19th January 2013 - 16:38


Eat lots of fresh green, blue and red fruit & veg?

posted by Paul J [816 posts]
20th January 2013 - 8:54