What channel will Lance Vs Oprah be on in the uk?

by mattbibbings   January 17, 2013  

I know many will say they couldn't give two shiny shites about this but I think I need to see the look in the creeps eyes when he 'fesses.

Does anyone know where to see the interview when it airs?

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The Discovery channel ( yes the same as his old team sponsor ), but not sure when...

posted by gazza_d [422 posts]
17th January 2013 - 0:15


And streamed on oprah.com too I think.

posted by ped [197 posts]
17th January 2013 - 0:25


It's on at 2am Friday morning on Discovery Channel, repeated at 8pm Friday evening.

Will also be streamed online 2am Friday morning on Oprah.com.

That's Part 1 - they've split it into two parts now. Part 2 is scheduled for 9pm Eastern Time Fri night (so 2am Sat morning GMT).

Part 2 isn't showing on my Sky+ planner yet - it will be streamed online though.

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9521 posts]
17th January 2013 - 0:26

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