I've just received a vintage skinsuit I bought off ebay. It is exactly what I wanted except it has a Chamois leather pad. I have never ridden with this type of padding. I have had plenty of other shorts with a foam padding and some of them have seen better days so I wear them to commute; my newer shorts are saved for the weekend when I am doing +50km.

It is a bit too cold to be wearing my new old suit on its own yet so I wondered whether it is going to feel 'hard' on the back side over a long ride if I am used to foam pads?

It would not be impossible to replace with a foam pad but that would be a lot of fuss.
I've heard they also need to be 'fed' although this one is very flexible.


spongebob [279 posts] 5 years ago

Get your skinsuit on and go out for a ride/use the turbo trainer.

Wear a jacket on top to keep your upper body warm.

Leviathan [3050 posts] 5 years ago

'Get your skinsuit on' - now I've got a cycling mash up of The Vaccines 'Wetsuit' going in my head.

Sorry I've not got a turbo trainer and it is -1C outside so my motivation is not high.

Anyone got anything to say about the virtues of shammys?

Zinno [2 posts] 5 years ago

Their are no virtues, shammy takes too long to dry, will shrink if you don't dry it slowly and has no padding. I would take it out and replace it.