Great! This is just a threat from IOC member Dick Pound but as a former head of WADA he would clearly love to stick it to the UCI. And who wouldn't, there needs to be a cleaning house operation there and LA's Oprah confessions could be just the start.

This puts the British cycling fan is a difficult position; if all the final secrets come out and there is a big shake down it is good for the sport, but if it means loosing the Olympics this will hit 1. Clean 2. British riders.

No mention if this would be just road or track too, but either way we could still be stopping the buck on this one.


Super Domestique [1621 posts] 5 years ago

Another reason to say thanks Lance.

OldRidgeback [2915 posts] 5 years ago

I very much doubt it. Lots of Olympic sports were guilty of extensive doping and probably still are. The record of the Eastern European nations in the 1970s for just about every sport was appalling.

Yorkshie Whippet [637 posts] 5 years ago

Alright, lets ban cycling because of the drug issue.

At the same time can we ban
Weight lifting, anabolic steroids.
Athletic, especially the 100, 200 and 400 meters after Mr Johnson.
Football as they are that highly paid they crash expensive cars whilst on recreational drugs.
Tennis, do we really want children to grunt at every effort they make after the steroids kick in.
Gymnastics, poncing about is not a sport.:-)
Dressage and show jumping cruelty to animals.
Shooting and archery as both encourage violent tendancies.
Boxing, judo etc as too encourages violent tendancies.

So that leaves what sport....

Leviathan [3053 posts] 5 years ago
Yorkshie Whippet wrote:

Gymnastics, poncing about is not a sport.:-)

Rhythmic Gymnastics is definite poncing about with a ball or ribbon.
Agree Dressage is horses poncing about, no Human Athleticism there.
Which means no darts please, unless Phil The Power can get his BMI under 25.
And don't get me started on Synchro swimming.

I think it is a valid threat as there is no infrastructure for road racing, it can be dropped without affecting Rio planning.