It is raining and cold again and although I have got an AssSaver guard on the back of my seat to keep my bum dry from spray there is no hope of staying dry when it rains. The water falls out of the sky on top of me. I can bundle up my body with plenty of layers but when it rains my tights get wet quickly and it gets pretty cold.

I have Pro winter overshoes with a PU coating and they are great but only keep my feet dry. I have looked for waterproofing sprays like Nikwax but the spray on stuff only leaves a fine layer and can't really be washed repeatedly.

I would like some kind of thicker spray on layer to waterproof my old castelli bibtights. It should be an actual layer not a thin coating. Even rubber paint, I don't mind if it looks a bit rubbery and kinky, its winter.

Or can anyone suggest some new waterproof coated winter bibtights? I know Castelli do the Gabba jersey but a short sleeve jersey is no good to me at this time of year.


malcolmclayton [38 posts] 5 years ago

Nikwax (and others I'm sure) also make 'wash-in' treatments. You use the solution in your washing machine with whatever you want to proof.

To be honest I've never used them myself but it might be a step up from a spray...?

BenMWilliamson [27 posts] 5 years ago

As above, I know that a lot of walking/hiking manufacturers sell the 'wash-in' waterproofer for jackets which would probably work.



Something like that anyway.