'Afternoon all,
I'm getting some mild pain but would like to sort it before it gets worse. Background:

I tried spinning classes for winter training, and all was well for the first few, but then I started getting shooting pains in my heel - felt like it started deep inside and shot to the surface of the ball on my heel. I had been wearing trainers for spinning, so figured that the flexible sole was doing me no good. I packed in the spinning and the pain has dropped to a mild sensation. However, just recently it has started to increase, just slightly at the moment. I've not been doing much in the way of off-bike work; just 1 or 2 rides and 1 or turbo sessions (total 3 sessions per week).

In order to address historical knee pain, I use Speedplay Zero pedals, Specialized road shoes (think they are 5.0 stiffness) and the green (maximum arch support) body geometry soles. I also use a pair of varus wedges and a paid of cleat wedges, all to compensate for approx 5-6 degrees of inward tilt on my soles. That's all been good since I started using it, I don't need a stiffer sole do I?

Appreciate this may not be best sorted via the internet, but any advice welcome!


Kebab Meister [12 posts] 5 years ago

Is it the back of the heel or the front (arch of your foot)? It's not plantar fasciitis?

therevokid [1020 posts] 5 years ago

isn't "inward tilt" valgus rather than varus ??