Gritty sound coming from front fork.

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I have noticed a gritty sounding noise coming from the head of my front fork where it meets the frame. I guess I didn't notice this outside as it is a quite quiet hiss and only there when I turn the handlebars. I was tightening my front brakes for new years and noticed this sound.

I have tried taking the handlebars and various rings off the top of the stem but for some reason the fork does not slide out (I've not tried this before.) Using a torch I can't see anything that looks like components down the tube. All the online videos seem to be for mountain bikes and the forks come out easily. I would like to try and clean and grease the components and see if that improves the situation.

Some of the outer paint around the joint is chipped off. I try to keep the bike clean and dry but that is only so possible. I have smeared lithium grease around the joint seeing as I can't take the fork off, and it has improved the noise a bit. However I am worried this might be a problem starting to build up.

Any advice, please?