My partner is an ex GB international middle distance athlete and wants to take up triathlon as a vet.

Question is what bike would be ideal? She needs a bike that will be versatile enough for triathlon bike legs (which would be non-drafting time trials) of maximum 40km and could be any kind of profile. She can train on an old carbon road bike of mine however given that she's a bit of a bike novice, as much time spent on the eventual race bike for training would be better.

Maybe the ideal would be a bike quiver, however cost considerations probably exclude that! Assuming she get's one bike, do the collective brains here think that a full TT bike would be a good choice, or would she be better with an aero road bike that can double as a TT bike as required by moving saddle positions, TT bars etc. I'm thinking Cervelo S5 or something else?

Any thoughts gratefully accepted, this is the beginning of the research so random thoughts will be useful!!


Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

Definitely Aero Road.

Much more versatile, can do club runs and stuff, than a TT bike. Probably won't lost that much time, especially if, as a novice, she spends little time on the skis.

Squiggle [403 posts] 5 years ago

Although there are tri geeks on here as far as I'm aware it's mostly roadie geeks.

For every response on this forum you'll get 5 or 10 if you repost on Slowtwitch.com


ilovemytinbred [161 posts] 5 years ago

Try em on your old road bike with clip ons, just to make sure tri is for her then....

TT bike surely for racing, I assume your partner is not looking to 'take part' but to do well. In that case a steep seat angle is better so that the run will be better afterwards. Handling of most road bikes would be horrible with such a steep seat. Plus how often would you want to swap over bars etc. Not much fun.

I would train on your normal road bike some of the time, tt bike some of the time depending on the training, just use crappy wheels to train rather than a disc and deep front.