I am selling a brand new, still in box Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System Security camera for £110 including P&P.

Here is the blurb from Logitech:

'Keep an eye on things day and night, indoors or out, with this weatherproof, night vision video security. Set it up yourself, count on it when you need it. You get everything you need - a smart, weatherproof, night vision camera; powerful software; and free viewing online or on your mobile. Setup is simple, using your existing electrical outlets and wiring to connect your camera to your network and transmit video. Your system automatically records video when motion is detected and can send e-mail alerts by computer or mobile phone.'

'Editorial Reviews:
Highlights: ·Easy installation via the power cable ·Master system with weather-proof camera with infrared illumination ·High-definition video with 960 x 720 pixels

Features: ·HomePlug network technology ·Commander software for the PC ·Free remote monitoring on computers and supported mobile phones ·High-definition video (960 x 720 at 15 frames per second) and wide-angle lens ·Weather-proof design ·Night view; ·Definition of ranges for motion detection ·Recording triggered through movement ·Warning messages triggered through movement ·Integrated microphone ·Flexible mounting ·Recording without PC thanks to MicroSDÃ'®-card ·Automatic PC-backup ·Compatible with Windows.

Technical Specifications: Additional IR light: Yes · Dimensions: (W x H x D) 86 x 46 x 160 mm · Image sensor: 6.35 mm (1/4") CMOS · Max. resolution: 960 x 720 · Microphone: Yes · Operating voltage: 230 volt / 50 Hz · Place of operation: Outdoor · Product Specifications: The Logitech Alert outdoor camera is certified as per ISO 60529 IP55 · The recommended operating temperature is -30°C to +50°C · The viewing angle is up to 130°. · Resolution: 960 x 720 pix · Transfer type: LAN · Viewing angle: 130 °

Description: Digital video security system for indoors and outdoors with high-definition video with 960 x 720 pixels and wide-angle lense for capturing more details, easy installation via the power cable, video and audio recordings on microSD-card even when the computer is switched off, remote monitoring via Internet or mobile phone, warning messages triggered by movement and can be extended to up to six cameras for indoors and outdoors. Master system with one camera for outdoors.'
You can check out the full details from Logitech at the Logitech website