Im selling my 56cm cyfac absolu, brought in april last year i have ridden it for roughly 2 months before realising that the geometry wasnt quite right for me (too short). I ended up buying a specialized tarmac and the cyfac has been sat in my bedroom since. I brought it as a complete bike from www.velobrands.co.uk the bike in the pictures on thier site is this actual frame, it looks amazing built up!!

When i stripped it to build the specialized i left the forks in the front room with the dog and he chewed them to bits (thanks!) so it comes with a brandnew set of forks with uncut steerer.

It has a built in seat post which has been cut down to 780mm from center of bb to top of seat clamp with roughly 10mm adjustment either way.

It comes with 2 carbon bottle cages which are colour coded to the frame (pictured).

To anyone who doesnt know the brand all the frames are hand made in france to order, prices start from £3700 for frame/fork/bottle cages. ride quality is simply amazing, possibly the most comfy bike i have ever ridden yet still extreamly stiff. You must ride one to understand quite how good they are!

This frame has been looked after to the upmost, there is not a mark on it!!!

for some reason i cant upload pictures of it. But as i have said the bike here on the velobrands website is the exact frame.http://www.velobrands.co.uk/cyfac/road-bikes/absolu-v1-2-p-2312.html#

please email meif you want more pics.


notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

Not that I can afford it right now, but you may want to provide measurements/geometry, given that these are custom made. The pics on the site makes it look quite laid back in terms of angles. Also, a price.

james porter [4 posts] 5 years ago

thanks for the heads up, as i brought this as a full bike direct off the importers after falling in love with it at the show i didnt get custom geo. this is a off the shelf 56. geo can be found in the following link.


as for price, i would be looking for £2250

Fringe [1047 posts] 5 years ago

Didn't know dogs like to eat carbon.  4