Hi all,

Got's me a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 2011. The bottom bracket is a sealed FSA one, its been replaced 3 times already, and to top it off I heard and felt the horrid sounds/crank/pedal wobble this afternoon. Are FSA BB's absolute garbage? I'm considering a 105 crank set and BB this time around, will it fit though? I presume the casings are spaced so you can switch between different ones. Also does anybody have one on the cheap? Off the back of a wagon cheap haha  1

Merry new year to all btw.



Yorkshie Whippet [637 posts] 5 years ago

Couple of questions firstly.

Is the bb an X-type, ie bearings outside of the frame?
Are cups seated correctly on frame?
Which crank are you using?
Has the crank been over tightened/slacked off?
Have you checked for play in the pedals?
How long is the bb lasting?

As mentioned in another thread, It is possible to run a X-type FSA crank on a Shimano BB. I've also used other cheap BBs from internet with no real problems. If you have an BB30 or similar set up be careful as Shimano didn't have that many cranks to fit.

Cheap BB are cheap for a reason, they tend not last long. There are a few exceptions.

Hope this helps.


Squiggle [403 posts] 5 years ago

Don't mean to worry you but I cracked the BB shell on my old Via Nirone 7. Probably just co-incidence  16