Hi all. I'm new to the forum and very happy to of found this site. A real treasure trove of info and I'm looking forward to lots of time spent learning on here.

Back to the reason of my first post. I'm really fancying a Rapha Pro team jacket. Are there any people on here who own one and can comment on it? I'm torn between the style of the black or the sensible chartreuse. I fancy the chartreuse as its brighter but worried that I will have difficulty washing off the mud, oil etc off the back of the jacket as it isn't a softshell material.

Apologies for the waffling  4


Leviathan [3058 posts] 5 years ago

I've not got one but I had to wade in on the colour issue. I have to admit I had to look up 'chartreuse', you mean yellow. Luminous yellow, hhhh. If the choice is between black and yellow get the black, get some reflective stripes for you bike or some really good lights. Get yellow and look like another cycling clone in black tights and yellow hiviz jacket, I see them all year round, including in 20 degree heat in the summer, in their tights.

I'd wear a white one, or even pink before yellow; say NO to the yellow hegemony.

Updesh [9 posts] 5 years ago

I have the black, but it was all that was available at the time. It's a great wear, it's had some really poor treatment by me and still looks good. In bad weather I've worn it underneath a waterproof shell that is yellow!

I have a number of Rapha jackets. Everytime I wear them they still look and feel a little bit special. The cut is flattering and I find the little details, zipped pockets, zips that have soft quiet tabs etc. that make me enjoy wearing them

I know there's always someone who complains about the price of Rapha (although its cheap compared to Assos), but people who see my jackets always comment on how nice they look and I feel good in them

Buy one, I suspect it will be the first of many times your Credit Card gets bashed by Rapha

russyparkin [570 posts] 5 years ago

i have the cream rain jacket, wore it out for 40 miles on nye. you know the day when it absoloutly hammered down. i mean terrible rain!

stayed dry and comfortable

worth checking because the rain jacket is waterproof but the team jacket isnt 100% waterproof i believe(it says near the bottom of the description)

on a second note i also have the wind jacket and that works brilliantly and providing the rains not insane i wear that as it has kept me dry on2/3 rides

about the price, yes expensive but for the cut and zero flap at speed i would pay double to have that,

worth the money

oh here is what is says on the pro team-

NB: The Pro Team Jacket is not fully waterproof. We recommend packing a Rapha Rain Jacket with you as a waterproof outer layer for training rides.

NB: The Pro Team Jacket has a race fit that has been designed for riders with a lean cyclist's build. Please size up if you are not yet in peak condition!

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

I have the Paul Smith Rapha city riding jacket. Doesn't seem like a commuting item to me though, very close-fitting and good when hunched down on the bars.

As stated above, the quality is really good, and it's kept me dry and comfortable in some truly biblical weather conditions.