Mucho aplogies for the crap pics, my camera is knackered and I have had to use my phone. The small pics aren't hiding anything, honest  4

This has been surplus to requirements for quite a while now but I've been reluctant to let it go as it really is such a great jacket. However, being a Rapha tart I now have longing for the Rapha softshell jacket so have decided to sell this.

Only thing that needs mentioning is that there is a little section of stitching coming away on the hem at the front, only a couple of centimetres. This only needs tacking back down but I really cannot sew so rather than making a right c0ck of it I thought I'd leave it to someone else.

It's a size large which according to Endura is for chest size 42-44". I'm a 41" chest and fits me perfectly. When I say perfectly I mean it's snug and doesn't flap around in the wind. When I say snug I mean comfortable, not tight.

Looking for £65 for this baby.
Here's the crap pics that you can't really make anything out on!



LardLover [72 posts] 5 years ago

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