Garmin problems

by SammyG   December 29, 2012  

Since having bought a Garmin Edge 500 last March I have since had to replace my speed/cadence sensor in August as it was not reading cadence or speed.

My speed/cadence sensor has just broken again! I am getting cadence but no speed. This means that it could cost me an extra £50 (minimum) a year to keep speed and cadence data!

Anyone else experience similar problems?

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I started using mine, but after a rather wet ride, it started playing up, and neather speed or cadence were reading!

I have taken it off and just using the head unit on its own!

Disappointing, but still a great piece of kit on its own!

posted by we8ster [20 posts]
29th December 2012 - 15:29

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Not wishing to state the obvious but have you tried fiddling with the positioning of said sensors. It's happened a few times to me and a little bit of movement can make all the difference - especially after washing the bike down with a brush/sponge or similar

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posted by charlie bravo [51 posts]
29th December 2012 - 15:42

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Need it cost you money? Isn't this covered by the guarantee?

posted by lc1981 [49 posts]
29th December 2012 - 16:44

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Agreed with Ic1981. I've not had this problem specifically but I have had warranty issues with Garmin sports equipment before. They were more than helpful sending me a brand new watch as a replacement for mine on which the strap broke. They were pretty quick about it too

posted by pirnie [184 posts]
29th December 2012 - 16:54

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The guarentee is terrible, after 2 months of trying previously to return it I ended up buying a new one, now it's gone again I may just use the ... GPS. Sigh

posted by SammyG [295 posts]
29th December 2012 - 17:00

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Like Charlie not wanting to state the obvious but have you checked the battery. Mine did the same swapped the battery and back as it should be.

posted by Bagpuss [101 posts]
29th December 2012 - 18:27

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Have not had the problem personally but have heard this several times. Checking adjustments, as stated above, can sort this as can using a more powerful rare earth magnet for the cadence sensor, v cheap on ebay, but it should be a warranty claim really rather than shelling out yourself. Also agree with Bagpuss below.

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posted by cidermart [460 posts]
29th December 2012 - 19:17

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