Good afternoon you lovely pedallers.

I have this turbo on loan from a club-mate who says he's only ridden it once since purchase a couple of years ago. The idea was that if I like it, I can have it from him for half what he paid. So I stuck the bike on it last night, but it's not centred on the drum - the drum isn't even perpedicular to the wheel, so using it would result in uneven tyre wear.

Then I realised that the entire resistance unit isn't horizontal, so I removed it. Then I found that the arms which extend from the A frame to support the unit don't appear to offer a level, aligned pair of screw-in points for the resistance unit, which is why the resistance unit (and roller itself) is currently skewed when mounted. No wonder he's not used it. The resistance unit is sufficiently heavy that if everything isn't lined up right and tightened sufficiently, this wonkiness is inevitable.

I'm going to have a fiddle again tonight and try re-mounting the arms to get them level, but am wondering if anyone here has one, and it they have experienced issues with it. (There are a number of decent reviews for it on Wiggle.) If so, any chance of some close-up photographs so I can compare and look for any missing bits etc?

It's this one:

Alternatively, any advice welcome. (Other than 'give it back'!)


brittleware [30 posts] 5 years ago

Sounds to me as if the arm/s supporting the resistance unit are bent. How many bolts secure the unit to the arms? Is it horizontally aligned incorrectly? Vertically? Can shims or washers be used to true it up? That's what I'd look at if I had it.