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by Pyro   December 18, 2012  


First post is a sale one, sorry! Thought here was a better place than STW for this one.

I'm selling a Dawes Galazy Tour in very good condition, mid-90s vintage, 531ST lugged frameset, 59cm (C-T) with a 57 top tube (C-C).

The bike was given to me last year and I've used it very little as it's a bit too big (I'm only 5'9"). The previous owners looked after it very very well and I've continued to follow their lead for the year I've had it. Everything on it is in good working order (though the computer needs a new battery, I think) - wheel, BB and headset bearings are sound, stem and seat post aren't seized, gears and brakes are fine, even the saddle's in good nick! There are some pictures on Dropbox HERE, it'd be a fatastic winter ride or summer tourer for somebody.
I'm asking £250, collected from Leeds (or possibly Lakes/North East over Christmas and New Year), that'll include the frame pump, computer, full mudguards and Tubus rear rack. As I'm new here and don't use this forum very often, please email any questions etc to carrickarmer (at) gmail (dot) com.



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I'm on the Super, maybe two years later, around France and Spain right now, but I must return her post-trip. She rides beautifully, especially with a front rack and a full load. The steel is so forgiving on rough tracks. If I was a couple of inches taller you'd have a sale. Sad


posted by Littlehuan [46 posts]
18th December 2012 - 14:10


Pyro - there's a button at the top of the page lets you subscribe to a thread, so all the responses will be emailed to you - you don't have to keep coming back to check. You can set up your account to have it subscribe automatically to any threads you post to.

posted by bazzargh [147 posts]
18th December 2012 - 16:28

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Thanks Bazzargh, i'd found that out when these two replies got emailed to me! Good to know, though, cheers.

Patrick, same! I like the ride, but I'm both perched on top of and overly stretched out on the frame. If only I weren't a shorta--e... Smile

posted by Pyro [3 posts]
18th December 2012 - 18:12


Happy New Year Pyro. I'd like to see the bike; sent you an e-mail yesterday. This is just in case you didn't get that e-mail. - Andy

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1st January 2013 - 14:37


Now SOLD to Andy S. Enjoy it, Andy!

posted by Pyro [3 posts]
3rd January 2013 - 11:18