Bambi on ice

by veseunr   December 17, 2012  

You've seen Bambi, now watch BRATs out for an early Sunday cycle.

Search YouTube for Mamils on ice.

Could someone paste the link?

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posted by TeamCC [146 posts]
17th December 2012 - 13:16


Thanks .... bruise better now! (bruised ego mainly)

posted by veseunr [284 posts]
21st December 2012 - 15:04


Big Grin nice! Did anyone stay upright?!

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3680 posts]
21st December 2012 - 16:30


Two out of the seven stayed upright. Bizarre morning really - lowest temperature overnight was reported to be 4 degs. Everywhere fine except a 'cold spot' .... must have been outside a witch's house Surprise

Completed another 80km without incident (except 2 punctures!)

posted by veseunr [284 posts]
22nd December 2012 - 9:52

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4 degrees? Unlucky!

Thanks for posting - its a useful reminder of how slippy the damn stuff is!

You may be interested in if you have time to read the downloads

Injury Prevention Manager
NHS Bristol

posted by Rob Benington [16 posts]
27th December 2012 - 11:41


Broke my elbow doing the same 3 weeks ago. Sad

posted by paulfg42 [389 posts]
29th December 2012 - 0:07


Quite a funny clip that Rolling On The Floor as long as no one got hurt. We've had some heated (excuse the pun) discussions in my club about riding in icy conditions lately, after several incidents. But this seems to have been a freaky situation!

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posted by Dutchie [64 posts]
30th December 2012 - 1:05