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by i_ride_bikes   December 17, 2012  

Are premium prizes available in America? Or would I need to be in Europe to be eligible?

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I think last year's Tour de France winner was from the States and he got the Trek that was on offer directly from Trek through a dealership. Check out this thread from last year:

Scroll down to the end. If nothing, the winner, scorekeeper, could answer this question for us. I don't know about the other Tours, though...

Maybe if you pay for the shipping they'll let you get it, though...

Vive Le Fantasy Cycling Game!

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17th December 2012 - 16:01

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I tried to find the rules, but failed.

If I remember rightly, you just have to pay postage, unsure about any taxes for your country as the goods have to be declared for shipping insurance, even as a prize/gift

But yes the whole world is able to win a prize Nerd Nerd

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17th December 2012 - 16:27


Premium prizes are available to all foreigners.

I live in Western Australia, picked up 3rd in TdF, now have Garneau helmet which was posted to me via Evans for no charge.

Also scored schwag from 2011 game for top ten TDF &/or overall, also posted via Evans at no charge.

You might have to pay postage on a bike, (and I would of been hit by tax). But for other prizes, looks like you just get them.

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22nd December 2012 - 13:48


I can second that the import tax issue can bite you - I won the bike for the Giro from Canada. Evans shipped the bike for free (after something like 11 weeks Confused ), but the import taxes were something like $500 (obviously will vary by country). Still worth it of course - but something to keep in mind.

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7th January 2013 - 19:05

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