I'm looking to buy a set of carbon clinchers over the winter. I was saving for some Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL, however, I see that Planet X are doing Shimano RS80 C50 sets for £499.

I saw the Shimanos in the flesh yesterday and they look well made but the new graphics in silver are a little questionable IMHO. Does anyone have experience of these wheels? Are the Mavics a better wheel and worth the extra cash?

I would appreciate your thoughts.


MinardiM189 [117 posts] 5 years ago

Tour magazine did a comparison of various aero wheelsets, this included Cosmic Carbone SLRs & Shimano RS80 C50s.

You can find the results here - http://www.tour-qtr.com/epaper_4_2011

veseunr [262 posts] 5 years ago

The Mavics for sure. I have had both and the Mavics feel more than the quoted 100g lighter, they are less affected by sidewinds and the spokes are stronger. Broke a spoke on the Shimanos after about 200 miles (and I'm 'only' 82kg). Additionally the hubs are easier to service and adjust on the Mavics rather than the archaic cones on Shimano. There are even some for sale on this forum!

AWP [113 posts] 5 years ago
veseunr wrote:

The Mavics for sure....

Thanks for your feedback. I've had my mind set on the Mavics but when I saw the Shimanos for sub £500 I could have been easily side-tracked.

I've seen the Mavics for sale here but there's a few people selling wheel sets for £650 so I'm going to wait a month or two before I buy.

Thanks again.