I still remember the lecture my dad gave me when I first got my provisional driving licence: When I get behind the wheel, I'm responsible for a few tons of metal that can be as lethal as any weapon. So whenever I drive, I need to always give the road my utmost care and attention.

It's bad enough to see people driving a few tons of metal around whilst talking on their mobiles, but driving 10 tons whilst watching DVDs  14 :

I struggle to understand the mentality of these drivers. Is it complacency and they've forgotten how lethal the vehicle they're driving is? Or do they just have no regard for the lives of other human beings?

If you don't take the responsibility of driving a vehicle seriously then you should lose your right to do so!


PJ McNally [592 posts] 5 years ago

Some of the truckers were "not in control of their vehicles", so the penalty is £60 and 3 points on your licence? I could probably get more for cycling across a zebra crossing, ffs .