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by Super Domestique   December 7, 2012  

As I mentioned the other day on here I am off the bike injured at the moment. OK, this is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things and even on here (thinking of Keith of eg)

However, I am being driven crazy as cycling is my 'escape' and my 'sanity' - I bought a turbo trainer but can't use it.

Just got back from the Dr's and another 2 weeks minimum off the bike.

So PLEASE'ers - talk bikes, cycling, etc to me and get me cheered up!

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I wish there was a cycling channel on the TV, even if it was just constant reruns of races from days gone by. I'm struggling to find anything to watch. I like war programs, but seen most of them now.

Whats your injury? Hope the two weeks flies by for you

Cycling.....What was your favourite stage from any of the three GT's this year?

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
7th December 2012 - 11:25



Sciatica. First showed up with what I thought was a groin/hip injury. Got worse and worse. Couldn't ride, drive then walk. Last night was awful.

Fav stage - pretty much every mountain stage in the Vuelta this year. The battles between AC and Pureto were sheer class.

Whatever AC might have done his style on a bike is great to watch.

Given Sky's involvement in cycling I am surprised that there isn't at least a cycling channel on Sky.

My dad is dropping off the latest Cycling Plus soon and I had Singeltrack land the other day.

On another note - I enjoyed the Tour of Turkey (except for the winner being doped to the eyeballs) as there was actually some decent racing in it too.

posted by Super Domestique [1695 posts]
7th December 2012 - 11:38


Oh' I can sympathise with you old chap.

Was training really hard - wanted to do the Bristol - Barcellona in June this year,,,,, all was going well until February 16th 2012. Got up for work and unintentionally dived down the stairs at 05.00 and snapped my ankle, yep both bones and ripped the ligaments, tendons etc.
Crying Crying
Off the bike for months, also missing the MTB'ing but now back on. It is horrendous how much you lose in strength and self confidence, also how much weight you put on too not being able to 'keep at it'.

Gutted, missed the trip and s**t myself whenever I have to negotiate stairs,,,, never thought I would end up with nightmares about stairs.
Good luck SD - you will be back on your tarmac quicker than you think - just limit the mince pies. Yawn


Trikeman. Wink

Grunt, puff, pant and groan goes the old man - but he gets there in the end. ;o)

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posted by trikeman [390 posts]
7th December 2012 - 12:17


More cycling....Rapha's new sponsor

I'm sure Sky has looked at a cycling channel, but unless its free or part of the sports package, its not going to take off at all. Plus with Eurosport having most of the rights for airing in the UK, Sky couldn't get much live coverage Devil

Its crap about your Sciatica, If I'm right, its something to do with the nerves in your back and effects your legs? I've only heard people speak about it.

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7th December 2012 - 12:33


Thanks Trikeman.

I know my suffering is nothing in the big picture but its the frustration and mental effect it has too.

Keith, yes that's it. I had it years ago which was among other things a knock on effect from being hit by a car while commuting. Overall the accident kept me off the bike nearly 5 years.

Haven't had this happen though for 14 yrs or so. It started as, what felt like a groin strain, then spread to hip area. Then leg. Pins and needles in my foot, etc. Can't put weight on my leg now and all the skin feels tender.

When I saw the Rapha top I thought JTL has gone to Sky. Then I read it properly.

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7th December 2012 - 12:47


gggrrrrrrrrr!!!! Saw the DR yesterday - another 2 weeks off the bike Crying Angry Crying

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20th December 2012 - 13:21