Okay, after watching the BBC 'War on the Roads' doc you might be thinking about getting a helmet cam as I am. I've cycled for thousands of miles without a problem and then one day find myself in exactly the sorts of situation shown in the documentary. Now this might not be every day, but I sure have found myself being cut up, having to knock on peoples doors who are straying into the bike lane etc.

So maybe a helmet cam is a good ideal, but sticking a gopro on top of my head is not my idea of aerodynamic, discrete or cool. So what are you recommendations for a small helmet cam that is not too obvious or heavy and could even fit up one of the vents?


Gkam84 [9111 posts] 5 years ago

I would wear a helmet cam for all the tea in china, I put it on my bars.

You are going to get three responses from people. They will be.

Go-Pro - It does have the best quality, but its size and shape are awful.

Contour - The brand I like, known as bullet camera, smaller, easy to use at the flick of a switch, can be mounted anywhere really.

The final option you are going to get are all the cheap Chinese clip on and strap on sh*t that are out there, not even worth bothering about. I would say 95% of all clips on the tinternet are filmed by Go-Pro or Contour, because of their HD quality.

The only other comment you might get, Will be from Dave, who recently reviewed the Nilox Foolish HD http://road.cc/content/review/70700-nilox-foolish-hd-camera

So I suggest, go look at the guys who film day in day out, ask them questions on twitter/youtube or wherever. If you don't have accounts, message me and I'll do it for you. Obviously, its not like a bike where you can go to the shop and try one out on a test ride. So do your research first.

Another complaint you are going to hear, Go-Pro and Contours need to be sent to America for any warranty replacement issues......

Gkam84 [9111 posts] 5 years ago

Here are three youtubes for you to look at



CyclingMikey ‏@CyclingMikey

@roadcc A GoPro is big, but best of all it sometimes alters motorist behaviour before there is a problem when they see it. Best result.


Traffic Droid

dave atkinson [6347 posts] 5 years ago

not all the small cameras are low quality. the veho ones are pretty good, the atom is *tiny* and you can get a proper waterproof case for it too

the-yorkshire-p... [173 posts] 5 years ago

I use a contour hd and it's good enough. However, all of them suffer from an element of 'shake' just due to it being head mounted and the helmet never sits perfectly still.

The new Sony one looks interesting, as it's got anti-shake technology, and also films at up to 120fps. That'll be my next purchase once a few more reviews are out.

Leviathan [2933 posts] 5 years ago

I found this simple video comparison of some cams:

seems like anything decent is at least £180. The Veho is indeed tiny but a bit of a funny shape, more of a chest mounted one perhaps.

I've also seen the ultimate solution which is video sunglasses, but they are still quite bulky and expensive like pivothead sunglasses.

Well it will have to wait, maybe price and size will reduce before there is a nexus in space-time between a bus and my bike.

Bob'sbikes [857 posts] 5 years ago

I have the HyVid 1080 sport the "camera" body is cylindrical 1.25 (dia) x 4 inch with a cable attaching it to the main body housing the switches battery and 32GB card. The batteries last 2-2 & a half hours recording all the time and comes supplied with a spare plus charger loads of choices regarding frame rate, focal length, etc...and I have had the thing approx four (trouble free) years now.

CycCoSi [30 posts] 5 years ago

I use one these:


very happy for the size, about finger sized,and price, half that of Roam. The trade off is in the dark it can struggle, and I mean pitch black, on lit roads it's fine, but editing software allows you to increase the brightness

Footage here: