Bike Fits in the South Lakes area

by pirnie   December 5, 2012  

I've been thinking about getting a myself a bike fit over the xmas period, so 2 questions really.

First, do people think they're worth the money? They're not cheap and I was wondering if anyone who's had one recently or at some point wanted to share opinions?

Secondly, can anyone recommend a good place to have one done in the south lakes area? I know wheelbase do them but recommendations would be welcomed! Cheers!!

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I'll be doing one next week at The Body Rehab (right next to Wheelbase) so I'll report back on my experiences. Might even write a blog post about it Smile

posted by Liam Glen [158 posts]
5th December 2012 - 21:07


I had one done a while ago after a double knee op. Well worth every penny and i cant praise it enough.

There's the bike shop in Ambleside that looks like they do a fit but not 100% sure of this.

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posted by stumps [3014 posts]
6th December 2012 - 21:26