So the main organizer from the woman's Giro has withdrawn Epinike will not be hosting the 2013 race and the men’s Giro promoter RCS Sport will not step in to fill the void



Littlesox [78 posts] 5 years ago

Why aren#t the big races run on the same day ?

If it's accepted that men and women must race seperately, why not just have one event, with the starts at different times, so that the races attaract the same sponsorship/money/organisation/road closures and more importantly, crowds and coverage ?

Start the women's race earlier (shorten the stages if necessary to avoid broom wagon clash) and have one Tour, or Giro or whatever.

Surely it would raise the profile of womens' racing to the same status as men's, and spectators get to see 2 races, not just one.

Go Lizzie, go !