cyclist vs road trains in Oz

by londonplayer   December 1, 2012

and we thought we had it bad in the UK....

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Sh*t that looks scary. There's nothing else on the road, what's wrong with moving over to the far side like one of them does?

Last night I would have considered trading a very loud baby for a really nice bike.

posted by notfastenough [3244 posts]
3rd December 2012 - 14:54


It seems that we are nails the world over,
just that in Oz the hammers are massive
(and also driven by inconsiderate idiots).

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posted by Joselito [134 posts]
3rd December 2012 - 16:25


Lorksalawdy, I thought the A41 in Shropshire was bad enough. The Irish trucks use it as a rat-run when aiming for Liverpool or Heysham docks.

At least they are only 40 foot long.

notfastenough is right, why aren't they moving over ?

They are shifting as well

(Cue fake Ozzie accent)

Struth mate, rather you than me

posted by Littlesox [89 posts]
4th December 2012 - 0:38

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