Evening all,

I'm new to this forum but not cycling and was hoping somebody could shed some light on this bike.

I seem to be destined to not own a road bike as i have missed out on a couple of deals recently..
However im not giving up and spied this:
Just wondering if anybody has one and what do you think of it?

I phoned Merlin today and was a bit underwhelmed to be honest, took them over 4 hours to measure a top tube and get back to me... Then I asked if they could price the bike with a better bar and stem combo and get back to me.. Well I'm still waiting. Maybe they don't wanty business. Anyway.. Back on topic.

So does anybody have one? And if you are 5ft 6 like me what size do u have? The 52cm has a 52cm TT apparantely which would fit fine, just worries about the clearance tho..




notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

Hi, and welcome to the forum. I don't have a Merlin (I lusted after the ti ones as a kid!) but there are a lot of deals about at the moment as 2012 stock is cleared out. If one shop doesn't want your cash, many others will.

Also, although you aren't new to cycling, if you are new to road bikes (and hence a different geometry to the mountain bike(s) or whatever that you currently ride) I think you would be wise to use a shop you can visit and try a few bikes.

1981miked [1 post] 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply mate,

I finally got the phone call with a price with the upgraded kit, however for another £85 I can get a 105 equipped Giant, so I think I'll go for that. I have had 2 road bikes in the past so not new to it, really appreciate your input tho mate. Been round all the local shops and not much to excite bike or deal wise.

I know the size I need in Giant, and I had a Cube Peloton with a TT of 535mm and that felt good for reach so using that as a guide for TT sizing.