Currently ride a Giant Defy 2 (and a Peugeot Europa.....ahem)

Need to know, if I was going to invest £1000 absoloute maximum on a bike pureley for this summer's Tuesday evening TT's, what should it be?.

N.B - I have seen previous posts that read something like "I waant to buy a road bike with a budget of £750", to whcih people reply "Dogma". I am serious....I need a concerted view on TT bikes for a grand....max !

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Gkam84 [9111 posts] 4 years ago

What size are you riding?

A nice Felt s22 only in 54


Felt S32 various sizes


You are not going to get much more for a fully built up bike that's new. But you could grab bargains on second hand all over ebay  3

TheHatter [770 posts] 4 years ago

I'm in a similar boat albeit on a smaller budget which is why I'm concentrating on second hand. However Planet X have been recommended - currently their cheapest TT bike is 1299 but they have regular deals so its worth keeping an eye on.

Simon E [3121 posts] 4 years ago

If you buy a £1,000 time trial/triathlon bike the first thing you'll want to do is upgrade the wheels. Unless you have some deep section hoops already it's probably better to use a road bike. Tri-bars, wheels and a skinsuit, and maybe a pointy hat, will get you a fair improvement (see this recent thread). Bear in mind that the rider creates 80% of the drag (which is why I've bought an adjustable stem for next season) but if I'm honest it's the engine that needs the most work!

If you can't or don't want deep rims then go for a versatile 30mm rim with a low spoke count in the front e.g. American Classic 420 or Cosmic Elite and decent tyres like Ultremo, Pro 4 or GP4000S.

People have different priorities but I'd say £1,000 is a lot for a bike only to ride a few club 10s. If you're going to invest some money then why not branch out and do more events like other clubs' events and some Opens? There is so much more to racing time trials than riding one course a dozen times each year and the more you do the better you'll get at it.

aende [32 posts] 4 years ago

I would re-use or re-assign what you already have - Take the Defy, Add some Tri Bars, drop the stem and lift the saddle, get some race wheels. If you are new to TT then I would not spend any money until you find that you really like it or your times start to drop - TT bikes are not really useable for much else due to the aggressive geometry and if you find that you are not getting anywhere then it could be £1000 wasted.....although you can turn TT frames into race bikes, but not for long races!

the badger [3 posts] 4 years ago

While £1000 sounds a lot - its not that much for a full on TT bike.
Best bet might be go secondhand for this money.

Second the comments above - the two most important things for your TT bike is,
1. your position
2. the wheels

Do you still need to use the Defy as a seperate bike ?
Have you riden much on Tribars ? - the postion takes some getting used too.

Personally i'd be tempted to sell the defy, add the money to the pot and get a better road bike - with a set of TT wheels and some removable tri-bars.

mrwibble [31 posts] 4 years ago
dave atkinson [6329 posts] 4 years ago

get some planet x track wheels and some tribars, bolt them on the Europa. et la. fixed wheel TTer.

Littlesox [78 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks for the input.

I note the advice and have been poking around. Won't get a lot for a grand in terms of new TT bikes.

Like the idea of s/hand.

Seen a couple of Quintana Roos and Incipias on ebay

Any good ?