Mudguards for a 2012 Whyte Montpellier

by David Haworth   November 24, 2012  

Hello all,

I've recently acquired a second hand 2012 whyte montellier and it's a lovely bike to ride, very light and fast. However at this time of year, it would be nice to get it set up with mudguards. As far as I can see, it's got eyelets for guards and a rack at the back, but annoyingly, nothing at the front. Not eyelets at the bottom of the fork and as it's disc-braked, no calliper mounting hole at the top, not even a hole underneath the fork. I can't even fit crud roadracers.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could mount a proper front mudguard on it? I know I could fit P-clips to the blades but there's nothing to mount to at the top. My only thought so far is the SKS raceblades which should be mountable at the front, but as I've got full support at the back I'd really like to have a properly mounted and full size guard there if possible.

Alternately, does anyone know if it's possible to buy front and back guard seperately? then I could buy a front raceblade and a rear raceblade long or something like that?

I really would prefer road style guards rather than MTB ones.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm not being funny but are you *sure* they're not there?! I have a Stirling which is the exact same frame and fork and there are two eyelets by the dropouts at the bottom of the fork and another through-hole at the crown. I've got SKS guards fitted (can't remember which ones - the ones that fit 25mm tyres)

Is it definitely the original fork? Should have R7 Carbon or similar on it. Fortunately, Whyte keep their full archive sites online so you should be able to check.

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posted by Swami Dave [62 posts]
25th November 2012 - 0:52


thanks for the reply and yes I am sure. the frame is the same I think (hence the rear mounts) but the fork is different. in fact if you look at the zoomed in view of that link you posted (and I have seen it before) you can see that there are no eyes on the fork, then look at the zoomed in view of the sterling of the same year and you can see the eyes.

This document even spells it out:

It's annoying as every other bike in the R7 range has front mudguard eyes. the only ones that don't are the 2011 and the 2012 montpellier. Even the 2013 montpellier has them.

I was going to get a 2013 sterling too, until I saw a great deal on a 3month old montpellier, didnt think to check for mudguard support.

posted by David Haworth [5 posts]
25th November 2012 - 1:08


Aaaah, that's a bit of a bugger. Seems daft not to incorporate eyelets considering that they're marketed as fast urban bikes.

As a last resort I'd drop Whyte/ATB an email to see if they have any further suggestions/mods that may help. Good luck.

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posted by Swami Dave [62 posts]
26th November 2012 - 12:34


I did drop them an email last week and all I got was an autoresponder asking me to phone them instead, which I've not done yet. I was hoping someone here might have had a similar problem and a solution, or perhaps know somewhere I could buy single mudguards rather than pairs. if I could buy singles then I wouldn't mind so much but I don't want to buy 2 sets and then bin half of them...

posted by David Haworth [5 posts]
26th November 2012 - 19:03