I am currently looking at buying a Specialized Allez Sport 2013 from Freeborn bikes as they came up the best for price after a discount they offered me to meet my budget, very good!

What have people's experiences been in dealing with them, buying from over the phone and getting bikes delivered etc.

Many Thanks


CraigS [129 posts] 5 years ago

Great choice of bike, I've got the 2012 model and love it. I'd always recommend getting it from an actual shop though. My Sora shifters froze up after my first ride so I just went back into the shop and they sorted it. That's a lot more hassle if you've bought it online.

Shops will normally help you get the saddle height etc right if it's your first road bike and give you a free first sevice after 6 weeks or so. If not you're happy setting up the bike yourself and adjusting cables that have stretched a bit after you've put the bike through some long rides, the value of these sort of services is worth more than the money you'll save.

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 5 years ago

Great choice. The Allez is excellent.

Freeborn strike me a tad more mtb focused but stock some nice road bikes too.

I bought my fs mtb from them and my dad got his Allez from them too. But he used to have them as his lbs so both times we collected.

They have always been mega helpful though.