Hi, I've just bought and started to install new gear cable and found myself a little bit puzzled.
This is the stuff I bought: http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-track-bike/cables-gear-shimano-roa...

And it comes with one black plastic ferrule (ribbed at one end), one smooth metal ferrule slightly shorter than the plastic one and 4 shorter metal ferrules with a groove at one end.

The cables that I removed used black plastic ones, identical to the plastic ferruled with the new kit, 6 in total and all the same with the exception of the ferule on the chainstay which had a thin 'nozzle' to it.

So now I'm not at all sure which ferrule is supposed to be used where.
Does anyone think they can shed some light on this, I can provide images, more detail and gratitude if anyone can help.