Every worn a camelbak under a skinsuit?

by bikeboy76   November 22, 2012  

Seems a bit distant, looking out at the latest storm to sweep over us, but there will be a time next summer when it is hot and sunny and I might be in a sportive or timetrial. I always find I slow down quite a bit when I go for a drink from the bottle, sometimes as much as 10kph. It is not that I am not still pedalling, but the push just goes out of me as I lean back and fumble around to put the bottle back.

So I was thinking has anyone tried using a camelbak or similar hydration pouch, but worn it under their skinsuit to reduce the aero impact? Sneeky tactic, yes, but does it just look too silly to be worth it. Or if you don't mind a skinsuit will you put up with anything to get a better performance?

I fancy a water tube is easier to use than a bottle, anyone recommend their water pouches? I like the look of the Assos Spider Bag.

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Hi, one of the guys has a sort of vest that is also a hydration 'bladder' he wears. Now I'm not to sure how he cleans it after and the water must get warm (hence the camel backs are in airflow) but he swears by it.
May help.

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posted by trikeman [390 posts]
22nd November 2012 - 18:49


I did a 100 last season with a racebak under my skinsuit. It was fine, I used it along with a transfil thingy so I did not need to stop. No way is it worth it for a sportive, and I would just use the transfil for a 50.

posted by ilovemytinbred [164 posts]
22nd November 2012 - 20:26


Can't you just get some kind of Aero TT bottle with a straw?

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
23rd November 2012 - 9:48


Wasn't it banned as a form of aerodynamics? or did that just apply to the pros?

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1335 posts]
23rd November 2012 - 11:59

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I don't know if its banned, I haven't had any directives from the UCI recently.

Racebak you say?:

very interesting, someone is always thinking one step ahead of me.

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23rd November 2012 - 17:30

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Don't know if the UCI banned the use of Camelbaks outright, but they did ban the wearing of them on the rider's chest. It made the front of the torso more prow shaped and was thought to offer an aerodynamic benefit.


posted by robert.brady [158 posts]
24th November 2012 - 13:57

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Didn't one of the chemical brothers get kicked out of a TT for this at something like Criterium Internationale?

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
24th November 2012 - 22:56