I'm sure there are posts/threads covering this but searching Tour De France brings up quite a lot of results!

I'm looking at going over to watch the Alpe d'Huez stage next summer, ideally I'd like to bring my bike and I'm always a fan of camping so pitching up on the side of the mountain wouldn't be too off putting if we cant get a camp site nearby.

I've already noticed that all the sites I've seen have a minimum of 7 days stay on them during the busy period.

Does anyone have any experience of travelling to Alpe d'Huez or could offer any advice on how to get there (both with and without the bike) and where to stay?

Is anybody planning on heading over themselves next summer?


Farky [183 posts] 5 years ago

Just arrive and book into a standard council site - theyhave to have something like 20% availability for new arrivals daily and usually do not take booking as anything other than provisional anyway. They dont have any proviso's on term.
I cant think of one in B D'Oisans though which is odd. Most of the ones there are van parks anyway, they just squeeze in tents or its a holiday park which is why 7 days is min.
Some people running B&Bs on the climb, will offer their gardens for camping, worth emailing a few.
Le'Grave is a wee bit up the valley but def has a standard campsite if you need to just arrive and book in.