Can anybody explain how these work please ?

I am thinking of doing some Audax events next year. I have been onto Audax UK's web-site, but I can't fathom the principle of permanents.

Can anybody explain it laymens' terms

(Or has anybody got Audax for dummies?)

It might be me, but I'm struggling !


formereve [61 posts] 5 years ago

Hi Littlesox

Ive copied this text from the Audax UK website:

Permanents are events registered with Audax UK which can, in most cases, be ridden at any time. They are intended as events for the more experienced rider, riding alone or with family and friends, and not as replacements for calendared rides whose dates have been planned as part of a programme of events.

Permanents should be entered early, a month or more in advance of your intended ride, as the organiser may be on holiday. Many organisers will not insist on knowing the date of your ride, which offers the opportunity to ride in good weather. You receive any route details and brevet card before the ride. The usual Permanent entry fee is £3 but check with the organiser before entering. For more details see the on-line list of Permanent Rides.

You enter a permanent in much the same way as entering a calendar event.

You can also create your own route and ride it as a permanent. See the DIYs section for more details about how to do that.

The site address is


If youve already done an Audax Calendar ride its pretty much the same thing. You get a card from an organiser and then go and ride it. The only difference is that a perm is done on any day ya like where a calendar ride is done on a specific day.

If you use strava or any gps unit you will have a recorded ride so that the organiser can check that youve done it.

Any more questions giz a holler