Pedal feedback being 'Looked' for.

by trikeman   November 17, 2012  

Hi All,
'Look'ing for some feedback - has anyone got/use these pedals? They are Exustar E-PR100PP Look Keo Compatible pedals.
I've looked at them as most of my bikes have Look Keo's - wondering if these are a reasonable cost substitute or a 'cheap knock-off'.

Any feedback, as always, appreciated.


Trikeman. Wink

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I've just fitted a pair of these, and first impressions are good, clipping in seems easier, hooking the cleat into the pedal is much easier with the E-PR100PP than it ever was with KeO Classics, and the pedals feel more solid and stable, especially when out of the saddle.

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posted by the_mikey [155 posts]
5th June 2013 - 0:11


I use these. They're cracking pedals, and definitely do the job well. The only issue I have is the release mechanism seems to loosen itself, though not having had any others can't really compare to others

posted by pdows47 [111 posts]
5th June 2013 - 7:37


My son moved to these last year on his road and track bikes and finds them easier to clip in to than the standard shimano road cleat. They've survived well so far, including a couple of crashes.

They are also used on the hire bikes are the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, so they must be able to take some abuse.

I would recommend picking up a pair of cleat covers on eBay for a few quid as the standard cleats don't have a grip surface, but other than that they seem to be fantastic value for money.

posted by FMOAB [262 posts]
5th June 2013 - 8:41