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Dear Dan,

Thank you for taking time to email us on this distressing matter. I can assure you that we are all equally shocked at the distasteful, insensitive and entirely inappropriate messages conveyed in our name.
A colleague who had witnessed two horrendous cycling accidents in London, both of which resulted in the deaths of the cyclists, instigated this initiative. As a passionate cyclist, these tragedies have affected the individual deeply, and we can only presume encouraged this personal action. However, this was an entirely personal action, neither sanctioned nor supported by this company or our clients. The person responsible fully accepts it was wrong to do this, and apologises profusely to all fellow cyclists and anyone who has been distressed by this misguided and inappropriate initiative.
On behalf of the agency, we would like to add our apologies. We fully support cycling, have dozens of colleagues who cycle to work each day - and have never shared the position expressed in this campaign.
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Dan (*******@****.com) has just left the following message: Regarding the cycling campaign, thanks for making riding more dangerous. Most of us don't ride like twats, but all you've achieved is to legitimise the anti-cycling mindset of the idiots who like to run us off the road...