Campag Chainring advice?

by Steven_L   November 14, 2012  

Hi Folks, looking to start modding the new bike and need a bit of advice regarding changing chainrings.

The groupset itself is Campag Veloce, but cranks, chainrings, chain & cassette are Miche Team Evo. It's set up for 50/34, but I'd like to switch out for 53/39 for more power. Questions are:
1. Which chainrings are compatible (it's 110BCD)?
2. Will I need to get a new chain also?
3. Would I be better getting a new cranks?


(note: other mods like wheelsets will come, but I'll wait til Spring)

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you'll need a new chain to achieve all gears should you end up in a big/big combo.

be careful with campag cranks, some rings are dished, some run larger bolt holes (only carbon iirc)

posted by mathewshotbolt [101 posts]
15th November 2012 - 16:10


You can't go to 53/39 with current chainset (compact) so new chainset required, but more power will come from faster cadence or higher torque a 50 chainring with a 12 or 11 sprocket should be sufficient for most, I know some guys who race on compacts!

onward ever onward

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posted by bikecellar [257 posts]
15th November 2012 - 21:35

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There are companies who do chainrings of that size based on a 110mm BCD so it is possible. But as above, unless you are spinning out a 50 - 11 gear, is it worth it?

Not sure about Miche cranks but Campag compact cranks need specific chainrings because one bolt hole is offset to 113mm BCD. May be worth checking before making a purchase.


posted by robert.brady [159 posts]
15th November 2012 - 22:26


Cheers for the comments. I'll check the Miche compatibility.

Have been out for a few spins recently, and notice the 50/11 on descents definitely spinning out; I had a 52 on the last bike and always had some grunt left.

posted by Steven_L [48 posts]
17th November 2012 - 23:34

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