FS : Now split into components

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Thank you for the sympathy direct messages on twitter that some member's have sent me after seeing a tweet I sent to someone.

I am ill, yes, but nothing as serious to give up cycling, just having to change over to completely recumbent as I have a form of early onset Parkinson's that is effecting my cognitive and sensory processes. Meaning I need something stable that I can't fall off. Not going to let that stop me cycling. It just mean's I need to offload my uprights to be able to afford something else. I've gotten rid of most of them. But seen as I bought these two from here. I thought I'd offer them back up here first before parting out for Ebay.

The reason I come here first is to give someone else a chance to enjoy them without paying anymore than I did for them.

Firstly I have This

I've added a front wheel, new red chain, tubes, tyres and brake cable's. To the Eno hub (best on the market), Ultegra 6700 brakes (widely regarded as the best), all you need to finish this bike off would be This . A bottom shell for the seatpost to fit your saddle, I've been using one from another bike and a Brake cable adjuster.

Looking for around £230 posted anywhere in the UK. Thats less than the cost of buying it and adding the bits I have, but less than what I can get parting out for Ebay.

NOW spliting into components if you only want the brakes, single speed wheel, frame, bars, tri bars........