Just wondering - I see a lot of high spec Boardman bikes for sale as "nearly new" or "ridden only a few times".

They seem decent enough to me, but I wonder why so many would be jestisoned by their owners so early ?

A friend of mine suggested that it was the environment in which they were being sold - in other words, pop into Bike Hut for a stop and tail bulb, and come out having been talked into a 1000 pound bike - but I just don't get that one.

Are they troublesome ?

Any views ?


robdaykin (not verified) [368 posts] 4 years ago

They are perfectly fine, provided you don't let Halfords do the setup or maintenance. If you DIY or use a reputable LBS then they are stunningly good bargains. I have 2, a Road Pro from 2008 and a 2010 Team FS.

This question pops up regularly, and the accepted wisdom is that a lot of these are tax subsidised Cycle to Work purchases which are being passed on 1 year old, as the next year of CTW funding comes round at the office. Certainly my Team FS came that way (and yes it was used mainly to commute for the first year, since I can commute almost entirely off road).

Simon E [3095 posts] 4 years ago

Lots are sold via C2W and/or to people who like the idea of riding a nice bike but find they are put off actually doing it by a myriad of obstacles (they don't have the time, it's too much like hard work, they are a triathlete therefore need to upgrade every few rides...). They are excellent value and the alu Team won CW's sub-£1000 test a few months ago.

aende [32 posts] 4 years ago

Great bikes - I have had 3 of them, well built, very upgradeable carbon frames, agile and comfortable. certainly value for money for the novice and very upgradeable for the expert.

Allot are sold on as they are bought on Cycle to work, people used to use it as an interest free loan. I.e. get the voucher, buy a bike - sell bike on for cash. No interest in cycling to work.

However, there will always be the stigma of buying anything from Halfords, but to be honest they do have a fair selection of parts and bits on display.

trikeman [309 posts] 4 years ago

Hi, agree with all the above - plus I have bought a few second hand Boardmans and heared the same things.
"Bought the bike from Halfords as I wanted to get back into cycling and these looked the best - though cycling is not anywhere near as easy as it was when I last rode a bike years ago"
Up for sale - generally older cyclists I have found and the bikes still have the mouldings on the tyres and always have every conceivable extra fitted - usually get the helmet and lock thrown in too.

Anyway, they are cracking bikes and a hybrid pro is my main commuter at the moment, 20 miles each way, every day and never had a problem though I maintain the bikes myself - wouldn't let it anywhere near Halfords.  13

Just my t'penneth.


Trikeman.  3