Embarrassment as a form of punishment?

by Gkam84   November 8, 2012  

Do you think this is a good thing and could we use it in the UK for minor incidents, such as jumping red lights where nothing else came of it.

I'm not suggesting it for any RTA's, but stupid little things, like the red lights, driving in bus lanes, parking in cycle lanes.....etc


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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
8th November 2012 - 21:07


Ah, but what do you coordinate it with? You clothing? Your bike? Your team colours?......

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posted by Gkam84 [9362 posts]
8th November 2012 - 21:53

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This is very similar to the railway and bus ticket fraud posters.

Perhaps a poster site close by (but not a distraction) to the site in question, sponsored perhaps by the advertising industry. An offender would be shown with the message "I ran a red light at (the next junction) and it cost me 3 points and a £60 fine"

"I was doing 48 mph here" (eg 30 mph limit) "It cost me 6 points and an £80 fine" "(and my car insurance went up £300)"

The sentence would include paying for the poster, and the period for which the poster would be displayed. For a really bad site the posters might feature multiple photographs.

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posted by A V Lowe [560 posts]
8th November 2012 - 23:43


Good idea, but instead of paying a court fine to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service)

They should get the imposed points on their license.

Then a fine imposed and given to a registered charity dealing with consequences of RTA's and the families left behind, then a court order for the offender to volunteer with just such a charity for X amount of hours community service.

Making them "think again" is much more of a deterrent than just points and a fine.

Put that together with their face on a poster as suggested by A V Lowe.....

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posted by Gkam84 [9362 posts]
8th November 2012 - 23:58

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It would be taken to the Human Rights Court and deemed illegal after £millions of tax payers money. The "offenders" would then need compensation and counselling......

posted by Yorkshie Whippet [487 posts]
9th November 2012 - 12:26

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What I don't understand about that video is why she didn't just drive past the bus? She would be on the opposite side of the road.
Or is it illegal to pass a parked bus in the US, in which case a parked bus stops all traffic until it leaves, which doesn't seem right anyway. Hmm, any americans out there?

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posted by bikeboy76 [1815 posts]
10th November 2012 - 0:34


At bikeboy76 - tis very illegal to overtake a school bus in the States once it has stopped to pick up or drop off youngsters. Also many of the schools have reduced speed limits on the roads that they are built on. The police dept for the county i lived in when I worked in the USA had a very low tolerance for speeding vehicles outside schools and you would frequently see a patrol car parked on the road by the local high school.

Edit: if you look carefully at the footage you will see the red stop sign extended. This tells approaching traffic as well as those behind not to pass. I am assuming the excuse was going to be that she passed the bus by using the sidewalk and was not on the side where the school kids would have been.

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posted by giff77 [1186 posts]
10th November 2012 - 2:11


One time when I was working as a lollypop man a car made an identical manoeuvre to pass a line of stationery traffic.

I took the registration number and witness details, but the police did not take any action.

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posted by Crosshouses [271 posts]
11th November 2012 - 20:31

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One of my son's friends was killed by an overtaking car when he got off the school bus and ran across the road. Making it illegal to pass when they are picking up or dropping off sounds sensible to me

posted by keef66 [44 posts]
14th November 2012 - 18:10