Does anyone have links to detailed info of the route of the Tour next year please? I've Googled everything I can think of but can only find high-level stuff.

I'll be in Nice at the right time and want to work out how to get to see the best of the Team Time Trial route, and where in Cagnes-Sur-Mer to go on the next day.


daveih [4 posts] 5 years ago

TDF site will post the detailed route early June 2013. As a regular traveller to the TDF you really don't need to worry. The TTT route may leak out earlier but there will be plenty of places to watch and you will know the exact route early enough.

As for the stage start the next day you will have no problem finding the start, every depart is so obvious in every start town I have ever been to. The places are always buzzing from early in the day.

If you really want the full details someone will post an electronic version of the TDF road book online. This is the book given to the teams, has every detail you will ever need in it

Dave IH