Edvald Boasson-Hagen has intimated that he wants a real good go at the Classics next season. In an interview for Team Sky he ahd this to say:

“We haven’t made a plan yet for next season but I really want to do well in the Classics and Paris-Roubaix. It’s a race I really want to win in the future. Whether it’s going to happen I don’t know, but it’s a goal and I’d really like to win it in my career".

IMHO he has all the prerequisites to be a great Classics rider, his sprinting prowess, although not in the same league as Cav etc, has never been in doubt, he can go on long lone breaks and in this years TdF he climbed with and dropped some of the best climbers around.

All in all i hope he goes on to do really well.

Whats everyone else's view  39


Winton [67 posts] 5 years ago

Great rider but sometimes shown to be not as tactically astute as his peers and also didn't have the legs over 230+km in last years classics.

His time will come but I'm not sure it will be the 2013 season. 2015 could be about right for him...

seabass89 [212 posts] 5 years ago
Winton wrote:

also didn't have the legs over 230+km in last years classics.

Except for the World Championships where he got in 2nd only beaten by a brilliant Gilbert?

EBH was ranked as the 11th best rider in the world this year (if I remember correctly) and the man can do anything. He was hauling the Sky-team up and down mountains in the TdF, then he pulled out Cancellara-like leads on the flats to speed up the peleton for the last climbs. He can sprint from most of the pack (and he will beat Cav if the slightest uphill appears). He can obviously jump up hills like the best. Remember Gilbert had about 7 men to help him in the WC. EBH had one.

Boasson Hagen has had problems with taking in carbo-hydrates during races, but according to Sky they have found a solution. And with Cav out of the way I think EBH will shine.

Perhaps if he looses 5kg he will be a TdF contender when he reaches his mid-thirties? Others (*coughs* Wiggo) has done changes vast chanes in their style to do that.

Bobbys boys [76 posts] 5 years ago

Might depend on Peter Sagan too? He will be some opponent if he targets classics.