Tacx Roller

by TheHound   November 1, 2012  

I'm looking to buy a roller trainer but torn between the Tacx Galexia at £223 or the Antares at £143.

Has anyone used either of these? They both get good reviews, but is the Galexia worth the extra 80squids?

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Used my Antares for 3 years. Excellent bit of kit. No idea about the others.

posted by Chrisc [146 posts]
1st November 2012 - 12:42


I just got a set of the JetBlack rollers (having also used the Tacx Antares) and they are excellent. Al drums, full metal frame construction, much smoother and more solid feeling than the Tacx. Really excellent rollers for the money - can be had for around £150. Hang on - £140 from Parker... http://www.parker-international.co.uk/13199/Jetblack-Cycle-Training-Roll...

posted by Sam Alison [23 posts]
1st November 2012 - 13:26