Dropped my pride and joy couple of weeks ago and didn't notice the rear mech out of line as I cycled away. Dropped the chain past the big cog and trashed a spoke into the free-wheel.

Wheel has been fixed but having no luck getting a new mech hanger (out of stock with no due date)

Any tips on how a simpleton like me could temporarily realign, McGuyver Style, just so I can check nothing else is facked with my rear mech?

Not desperate as I can ride my winter bike for now, and in no hurry to bugger up the rear wheel again - if I have to wait, then I'll wait. Shame to have £1.5K of bike sitting in the shed while the winter holds off, though.


boardmanrider [100 posts] 5 years ago

It's possible to 'shock bend' hangers. Because it's Aluminium alloy you can't bend it back slowly. I've been told that you 'shock' bend it back in one go. Put into a jig and whack it back into shape - not for the faint hearted. Your LBS might be able to help with this. If not a metal workshop might help.

There's a really good site that sells nothing but hangers -


Good luck!

regards, Chris

BenS [2 posts] 5 years ago

Hi there,

I think the solution depends on whether its an aluminium hanger or not as Aluminium is malliable, I have had a similar problem and after alot of asking around I found they had a 'Gear Hanger Allignment tool' at my local bike project but they may sometimes have it in bike shops I think, Hope this helps and you find a solution.


jonb [39 posts] 5 years ago

I've temporarily* straighten quite a few hangers by eye just using a big adjustable spanner - take the mech off, clamp a wheel in to make sure the hanger is held nice and square to the frame, and then just gently bent it back until it aligns by eye.

Not a lot lost if it doesn't go well as it's not rideable with a bent hanger anyway.

* How temporary it is tends to depend on how well restraightened it is!

cborrman [88 posts] 5 years ago

change it, otherwise it may break 80km into a 160km ride 15km from the station and take a 2hr walk like happened to me a couple of weeks back  2

Squiggle [403 posts] 5 years ago

Clamp it in a vice or use mole grips on the attachment end, then stick a big thick screwdriver through the mech hole and adjust as necessary. It won't be perfect but it'll do you until you get a replacement.

Also make sure you order 2 so the next time it happens you'll have a spare.

andylul [410 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for all the excellent feedback and advice

As I have nothing to lose by trying to straighten the MH, I may try that, but I'm not going to risk riding it in the short term

I have my winter bike for such an emergency - have looked on that component website but they don't have the one I'm told I need.

Cheers all