Anyone else go on Saturday?

Was tempted to write a review but didn't take my camera (silly me), so far it's:


It was awesome

[/end review]

My main thoughts were:

- Ed Clancy is a beast, he looked like he could beat anyone whenever he wanted. The way he could make up half a lap on other riders at will was amazing.
- It was nice to see the likes of Clancy, Tennant and Dowsett turn up and actually compete, I'm sure they were being paid well for being there but they really were competitive and others might not have put so much effort in.
- Can't wait for the next one!

Highlights are on ITV4 on Wednesday evening if anyone missed it.

If anyone was thinking of trying to get hold of tickets (not sure if you still can for Manchester but you might be able to for the last meet in Glasgow) I really recommend it. Plus, for the next race, Lizzy Armtistead and Marianne Vos are competing against each other in an omnium. Whoopee!


AndyBaker [5 posts] 5 years ago

I was there!

Really enjoyed it, and agreed Clancy is in a class of his own.

It was great to watch the Stars of the Future races too, there's some talented youth coming though!

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

I was there - just in front of the South Grill takeaway or whatever it's called (not just eating though!). Clancy was a class above - it hadn't occurred to me that some of them wouldn't bother racing, so I'm glad to see they put their backs into it.

How [censored] fast was Jody Cundy?! Missing a lower limb, yet only Clancy could beat him over 1km.

Girls were super-competitive as well - nice little rivalry between GB and the Netherlands.

The crash in the future stars boys racing was gut-wrenching though. Great to see the majority of them get back on replete with blood stains and ripped shorts.

Ian531 [39 posts] 5 years ago

We went and had a great time, as usual. As said previously Jody Cundy!!! outstanding!!  4