Cyclist hit by two Vauxhall Corsa's dies

by Gkam84   October 28, 2012  

A cyclist in Sunderland who had stopped to exchange details with a driver after a collision was fatally struck by another car, police have revealed.

Stan Coates, 55, of Sunderland, died in hospital after being hit in Burdon Lane at 16:45 BST on Friday.

How unlucky can you get, Hit by a car, stop to exchange details and get hit again. The story seems a bit sketchy at the moment because of the van taking the bike away. Strange one.

To compound Mr Coates luck, not that it sounds as if it would have saved his life, he could not be flown to the nearest hospital because of the snow stopping the helicopter from landing.

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Heard this story on the radio on the way to work this morning.

Thoughts go to everyone involved.

posted by Marauder [284 posts]
28th October 2012 - 16:54

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Seems a very weird story. Why would you exchange details in the middle of the road? And how did the other guy avoid being hit?

posted by paulfg42 [395 posts]
28th October 2012 - 19:12