Roads replaced with gravel

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This is a bit of a gripe against Manchester and/or East Cheshire county council. This summer some signs went up around various spots where I have a mix of my usual routes. They said there would be road dressing. Sure enough the top layers were scrapped off and gravel chippings covered the road. The signs said "skid risk max speed 20".

Well I though this would be great to finally get some of the worst roads relaid with nice smooth tarmac all the way to the curb instead of just digging up the inside and causing more pot holes. So I waited weeks expecting one day to come across one of these patches laid smooth but it didn't happen.

I realised they were just letting the traffic bed down the gravelly surface and not finish it off at all. The chippings did clear but just ended up in a drift at the curbside. The potholes were barely covered and just turned into ruts in a permanently rough surface.

I can understand if the councils have little money to spend of road resurfacing but this is not the answer, they are already degrading worse than the original surface in just three months. If this is an ongoing policy it will quickly make 'road' bikes pointless. I already have to avoid these spots: Park Road, Gatley; Marthall Lane, Ollerton; Common Lane, Lach Dennis. And I have seen more signs up.

Anyone else seen these 'repairs' in action?