Le Mond goes for it...

by alotronic   October 25, 2012  

Morning all, caught up with this yet?

Lemond's open letter PMQ. Scorching.

And I thought I was over this... Confused


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Strong words! lots of interesting comments on the blog to!

posted by Pedals [40 posts]
25th October 2012 - 8:42


I'm curious to know what he has in his pocket that will exonerate Kimmage... that's one hell of a threat to PMQ/UCI.

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posted by alotronic [388 posts]
25th October 2012 - 8:48


I'm disappointed, that's some pretty poor spelling and grammar from LeMond.

posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
25th October 2012 - 9:33


Excuse me while I support Mr LeMond with a little googlebombing, from Greg's open letter

The problem for sport is not drugs but corruption. You are the epitome of the word corruption

You can read all about Webster's definition of corruption. If you want I can re-post my attorney's response to your letter where you threaten to sue me for calling the UCI corrupt. FYI I want to officially reiterate to you and Hien that in my opinion the two of your represent the essence of corruption.

If you support what Greg has to say, even with his poor grammar and spelling, hey his an American Wink got like it on facebook Open Letter from Greg LeMond to Pat McQuaid

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
26th October 2012 - 8:54