Hi, anybody out there know how I can get a hold of the Mavic Frost GoreTex Road Cycling boot in a size 37.5 or 38? There are a couple of websites that have 'em listed but they are not available until December and I want them ASAP!

I would especially like it if someone who lives in France or Germany and frequents the road.cc website, might be able to direct me to a continental online retailer who stocks the shoes and ships to UK.

Also, if anyone can advise on Mavic sizing (i.e. fit big or small, wide, narrow, etc) I'd appreciate feedback. I wear a Specialised carbon road shoe that is marked as a EU37; US7;UK6;or 23.5cm (shocking sizing info really as I wear a EU37, UK4 and US6.5). I will be wearing a woolie cycling sock with the shoe too.

If someone knows of another winter goretex boot in my size let me know about it!



monty dog [466 posts] 5 years ago

Try Gaerne, the size up small and go down to a 38.