Hi Everyone,

I intend getting myself a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheels.

I missed the boat (so to speak) when Wiggle had the 2012 wheels for sale at £332.00 and I've looked for a similar bargain, but, I failed to find Ksyrium Elites anywhere near their price!

Anyhow, I was reading a review on the 2013 Ksyrium Elites, they state that they are lighter by 20grams, and come with Mavic Tyres. The best price I've found for the 2013, Ksyrium Elites is £469.00

I'd be happy with the 2012 or even 2011 model Ksyrium Elites at the right price? Or do you think the 2013, wheels are worth the extra money, considering they're slightly lighter and come with Mavic Tyres?? has anyone found a better price for the 2013 wheels?

Would appreciate your thoughts, and help on deciding.